Advantages for the First Time Homebuyer

Buying Your First Home is both Exciting and a Little Scary so take Advantage of the Stampfli Difference.

Purchasing your first home should be a fun process. The experienced mortgage advisors at Stampfli Mortgage understand that. Their goal is to keep the mortgage process as simple as possible. To learn more, call (608) 572-7222 or simply fill out a no-obligation online application today!

From Renter to Owner:

It’s a big step, get the help you deserve.

Buying your first home is such an exciting time. There is a special sense of accomplishment when you won your own property. Homeownership propels you into a new category of adulthood and proves you’re a responsible individual. Let’s face it, a bank isn’t going to lend you a boat load of cash if that wasn’t the case.
On the flip side, you can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed…maybe more than a little. There are so many options to weed through, questions to get answered and terminology to figure out.
At Stampfli Mortgage, we understand both the excitement and the anxiety tied to being a first time homebuyer. After all, each of us has been there and done that. There are a number of reasons why first time homebuyers choose Stampfli Mortgage for their Wisconsin mortgage loan.


Each mortgage advisor at Stampfli Mortgage has well over a decade of experience with Wisconsin mortgages. What you lack in home buying experience, these guys more than make up for. They know the exact steps you need to take throughout the home loan process. Because they’ve seen a little bit of everything, the knowledgeable mortgage advisors are able to anticipate potential problems and help you avoid them. Preventing a problem is always easier than fixing a problem, but they are skilled at that too. A mortgage expert is a great person to have when you’re jumping into your first home purchase.

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Have you ever heard it’s better to buy local? The same is true when you’re shopping for a Wisconsin mortgage. Having a mortgage company located in Wisconsin is important for several reasons. The mortgage professionals at Stampfli Mortgage live and work in Wisconsin. They understand the guidelines, regulations and most importantly…the people of Wisconsin. Stampfli Mortgage supports the local community and maintains a small town feel with personalized service. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you share the same timezone.


When you decide to buy your first home, you deserve the detailed and personal service offered by Stampfli Mortgage. Recieve one-on-one guidance with your mortgage advisor. You will never be bounced around from department to department. You’ll still enjoy all of the perks of larger companies including free online applications. However, you’ll also enjoy flexible scheduling, prompt responses and quick resolutions. Feel confident knowing you won’t be passed through an assembly line. You’ll receive genuine and compassionate service through every step of the mortgage process.