USDA Mortgage

Wisconsin USDA mortgages offer great advantages to homebuyers and is a great choice for buyers because it offers no money down and low interest rates. It also encourages housing development in more rural areas.   Most home buyers hear “USDA rural” they often think of farms or underdeveloped areas.  In most cases you can find USDA eligible properties just outside of major cities.  However, this is a great for Wisconsin because most of the state is considered rural.

Stampfli Mortgage will help you purchase a home with 0% down and low interest rates. Some property location and income restrictions do apply.

The Wisconsin USDA Mortgage Advantage

Easier Qualification Guidelines
USDA programs are designed to increase the rural housing market. These mortgages are government insured, which eliminates risk to the lenders. USDA has more lenient guidelines compared to conventional mortgages allowing borrowers to qualify for USDA mortgages even if they’ve been turned down for conventional home loans.

No Down Payment Requirements
USDA mortgages allow you to purchase a home with no money down. You are able to finance 100% of the agreed purchase price or appraised value (the lesser of the two). The only other home loan to allow this is the VA mortgage for qualifying veterans and active service members.

Low-Cost Mortgage Insurance
The mortgage insurance is lower with a USDA mortgage than a traditional PMI with a conventional loan or MI with an FHA mortgage. The USDA mortgage is guaranteed by the federal department of Rural Development. This means there is less risk to the lender and therefore less insurance required.

Property Restrictions
The Wisconsin USDA home loan is dedicated to increasing the housing market in rural areas. Therefore a home must be located in a designated rural area of Wisconsin. Your real estate agent and mortgage advisor at Stampfli Mortgage will be great resources for locating an eligible property.

The other limiting factor is based on the use of the property. The home must be your primary residence in order to qualify for a Wisconsin USDA mortgage. This program is not designed for second homes or income properties.

Income Limits
The USDA mortgage is geared toward helping deserving families get into homes. Rural Development created this program for low to moderate family incomes. USDA income limits are specific to county and family size. Your mortgage advisor at Stampfli Mortgage is able to quickly determine if you are within the USDA income limit guidelines.

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