What Makes Stampfli Mortgage Stand Out?

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What Makes the Home Loan Process at Stampfli Mortgage Stand Out?

At Stampfli Mortgage, we truly believe in our slogan: Experience the Difference. But what is “the difference”? Aren’t all mortgages the same and don’t all loan officers do the same thing?

Nope. As with anything, you will find different options and different styles of getting the job done. This industry has standards, educational requirements and limitations; but there is a lot of wiggle room and flexibility. When you’re carefully shopping for a new home in Wisconsin, you should also carefully select your mortgage professional. Listen to the people you trust and respect. Take advice from your friends, relatives, real estate agent, financial planner, insurance agent and others. However, you should go with the individual you feel most comfortable working with.

The first thing that sets Stampfli Mortgage apart from other Madison area mortgage lenders, is that we are not a lender at all. We are a Mortgage Broker. Simply put, Stampfli Mortgage is the liaison between the borrower, the lender and all other parties involved in the home loan process. Unlike a mortgage banker with a specific product to sell, we have experienced professionals shopping the wholesale lending market for you. Our mortgage advisors not only find you the best Wisconsin home loan, but we also process the loan to ensure it closes on time.

One of the things that makes Stampfli Mortgage stand out from other Wisconsin Mortgage Brokers, is the ADEA philosophy. We took the mortgage process and broke it down into four major components. Analyze, Design, Escort and Achieve.


Our mortgage advisors carefully analyze your financial past, present and future. Lenders will look at a payment history to determine how likely someone is to pay back their home loan. The experienced mortgage professionals at Stampfli Mortgage carefully examine your credit report before the lender ever sees it. They look for inaccuracies, quick fixes and simple adjustments to prevent unnecessary loan denials. The mortgage advisor will also take a close look at your current financial picture. How much house you can afford, how much you’d like to put toward a down payment, how you can benefit by refinancing your current mortgage, and so on. Lastly, the advisor will discuss your future goals with you. They will explain to you the different ways you can secure and improve your financial future.


Once you have reviewed your goals and aspirations with your local mortgage advisor, they will design a mortgage option specific to you. Each home loan we offer can be restructured, tweaked, and adjusted to fit all of your needs. No two borrowers want or need the exact same thing. So, at Stampfli Mortgage we do not sell you a one-size-fits-all home loan. It is this flexibility that allows us to help more borrowers and have less turn-downs. Our designer mortgage program allows us to help more people reach their financial goals.



You will have expert guidance through the mortgage process by your own personal mortgage escort. Lets face it, mortgages are complex legally binding agreements. There’s a lot of paperwork and tons of details to weed through. The lending underwriter will request documents to help prove that you are a low risk borrower. Luckily the mortgage advisors at Stampfli Mortgage have over 30 years of combined experience working with underwriting teams. They already know what documents are needed and the easiest ways to collect them. Having a mortgage expert escort you through the home loan process is especially helpful for first time home buyers.


Stampfli Mortgage strives to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. We believe in following through and we avoid false promises. Your mortgage specialist will work hard to ensure you have a smooth closing on your new home purchase or refinance. They will also structure the home loan around your long-term financial goals. Our one-on-one personalized approach allows us to anticipated your needs and achieve great outcomes.


When it comes to financing your home, it makes sense to shop around. It’s important to understand your options. Your home is usually your biggest financial investment. You deserve a mortgage professional you can trust and feel confident about. Stampfli Mortgage isn’t the biggest mortgage company in Wisconsin, but we strive to be the best.

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