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Lowest Mortgage Interest Rates in Years!

lowest interest rates in years stampfli mortgage

Just when we think the rates won’t get any lower…they continue to drop. Economic insecurity produced by the coronavirus outbreak caused Feds to cut rates again this week. Does that make this the best time for you to refinance your home? With low rates, everyone’s questioning whether they should refinance. So how do you determine […]

Mortgage Loan Limit Changes for 2020

2020 mortgage loan limits

Conforming Loan Limits for Conventional Mortgages The conforming loan limit on conventional mortgages has increased to $510,400 for all counties in Wisconsin. That’s up $26,050.00 from last year. This increase allows you to finance more while avoiding a jumbo mortgage product. Home prices in Madison, Middleton, Monona and many areas of Wisconsin are continuing to […]

Fall is a great time to buy a home


Home purchases traditionally drop off during the fall, but this trend may be evolving. More and more home buyers are taking advantage of house hunting in the “off” season. Homebuyers are currently enjoying lower prices, less competition, motivated sellers, and more availability from their real estate team. Autumn is quickly becoming one of the best […]

What Makes Stampfli Mortgage Stand Out?

wisconsin mortgage company

What Makes the Home Loan Process at Stampfli Mortgage Stand Out? At Stampfli Mortgage, we truly believe in our slogan: Experience the Difference. But what is “the difference”? Aren’t all mortgages the same and don’t all loan officers do the same thing? Nope. As with anything, you will find different options and different styles of getting the […]

VA Mortgage Myths


VA Mortgage Myths: Why Military Veterans Ignore This Great Benefit VA mortgages have some of the best interest rates. They require no money down and also no mortgage insurance. These government insured loans have more lenient guidelines. VA home loans are cheaper and easier to get. So, why aren’t more eligible veterans and service members taking advantage […]

5 Reasons to Use a Local Mortgage Professional


National online mortgage ads are popping up all over the place. They pay big bucks to stay at the top of the food chain. Catchy commercials, online ads, billboards, magazine ads and mailers all boasting to be the best. More and more big-box lenders brag about being the easiest, fastest, cheapest and so on. A […]

Reasons you Need a Real Estate Agent


Top 5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Agent This Year The Wisconsin housing market continues to be strong in 2018! Demand is high and supply continues to be low according to the January Home Sales Report by Wisconsin Realtors Association. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a great time to go it alone. Quite the […]