Stampfli Mortgage Team Feature: Kevin Litwicki – Senior Mortgage Advisor

Senior Mortgage Advisor, Kevin Litwicki, celebrates five years with Stampfli Mortgage.

The band was breaking up in 2017, that was a fact. The Mortgage Advisors at Universal Lending were planning to split up and head in different directions. It was time for Kevin Litwicki to make a big decision. He could stay where he was and see what happens next. Or he could take his fifteen years of lending expertise to a well-known mortgage company. After thinking it over and talking it over with his lovely wife Julie, he opted for a different path. He decided to take a chance with his long-time friend and colleague, Jason Stampfli, who was opening his own mortgage company. Kevin joined Stampfli Mortgage in May of 2017, shortly after they opened their doors on Main Street in Verona, Wisconsin.

Impossible to open Stampfli Mortgage without Kevin.

The truth is, there may not have been a Stampfli Mortgage if Kevin hadn’t agreed to join the Stampfli’s on their quest to be the best. Co-founder, Cindi Stampfli, was unwilling to open a business without a second loan originator. And she wasn’t going to settle for just anyone to fill those important shoes. She wanted someone with more than just experience. She wanted someone they could trust like family and count on in times of trial. In Cindi’s mind, Kevin was the only candidate. He and Jason had worked together for several years. They shared more than just an office together. They bounced ideas off each other and had each other’s back. They worked as partners. If one was out of the office, the other was there to take over anything that needed to be done. Cindi just couldn’t imagine opening an office without Kevin being a part of it.

More than just a mortgage guy.

Kevin can get you a great mortgage. He knows how to work the numbers so you get the best interest rate and low closing costs. He can troubleshoot financing issues and make sure your loan closes on time. But there is so much more to life than mortgages. Kevin is a great reminder that you need to work to live not live to work. He loves traveling and will go around the world to catch his favorite bands in concert. Not everyone can say they love Wisconsin winters, but this guy loves his winter sports. The Litwicki family can often be found hitting the slopes or at the ice rink. Kevin is the ultimate hockey player, coach, and dad. He embodies the phrase; work hard, play hard. He seems to squeeze as much life into each moment as he possibly can.

A laid-back approach.

If you’re looking for a pushy salesperson, you’re looking in the wrong place. Kevin is often found leaning back in his chair with his feet propped up on his desk. He’s always sharing laughs and stories with the person on the other end of the phone line. As you walk by his office, you might think he’s chatting with friends or family. He treats all of his clients and business partners as such. Sure, he’s professional, respectful, knowledgeable, and responsive. But he is also highly recommended by others for his “stress-free” approach and his ability to make home financing easy. Kevin’s a great asset to have whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing an existing home. Stampfli Mortgage is lucky to have him on their team!

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