Stampfli Mortgage Team Feature: Ben Krug – Mortgage Loan Processor Extraordinaire

Mortgage Loan Processor, Ben Krug, celebrates five years with Stampfli Mortgage.

In May of 2017, Ben decided to roll the dice. He accepted a position with an unestablished, fledgling mortgage company in Verona, Wisconsin. Stampfli Mortgage was still a developing idea rather than a functional business when Ben agreed to join the team. Now he is highly revered as one of the company’s biggest assets. He is a big contributor to their quick success, impeccable reputation, and rave reviews. For a “behind the scenes” kind of guy, he has certainly drawn a lot of attention. His name is often mentioned in shining Google reviews. Title companies, lender partners, and real estate agents go out of their way to sing Ben’s praises. People enjoy working with him because he makes their jobs easier.

A growth mindset.

The last five years have been a huge time for growth for all of us. But Ben, in particular, has grown in every area of his life. He became a father shortly after joining Stampfli Mortgage. He and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a sweet baby boy, Easton. From day one, you could tell fatherhood was Ben’s greatest achievement. Fast forward a few years, and a beautiful daughter, Eva, is born. And yes, she will rule the Krug house and have her father wrapped around her finger. They are currently in the midst of building a new home for their young family.

Like all of us, Ben had to adapt to pandemic life the last two years. He quickly learned to work remotely while juggling daycare closures. With his wife working in healthcare, it couldn’t have been easy for any of them. I suppose it would have been less challenging if things weren’t so busy at Stampfli Mortgage. But the truth was, they were busier than ever.

As Ben’s family was growing, so was the business. The team was closing more and more loans and the Mortgage Advisors were asking Ben to take on additional tasks. Thankfully, Ben has always risen to the challenges. He keeps his cool when things are hectic and he excels when it’s busy. He is always willing to take on new responsibilities. He enjoys the details of each transaction. He pushes himself to exceed expectations and it shows.

A good gamble.

As the world began to open up again, Ben eagerly returned to the Verona, Wisconsin-based office. He continues to juggle all that work and life tosses his way. As with any start-up company, there have been a few growing pains. New ideas to unfold, new systems, new policies and procedures, and new team members to work with and train. It’s been a whirlwind adventure at times and fairly exhausting at others. All in all, Ben seems happy to have taken a chance on the Stampfli’s. He appears happy to have rolled the dice.

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