Jason Stampfli: One of the Nations Top Mortgage Originators 2021

Top Originators 2022 Jason Stampfli

Jason made the Scotsman Guide Top Originators list two years in a row!

Each year, the Scotsman Guide ranks thousands of residential mortgage bankers and brokers across the nation. It is an honor to announce that Jason Stampfli has made the Scotsman Guide Top Originators list for the second year in a row. Jason was ranked in three different categories. Most Loans Closed, Top Dollar Amount, and he was one of only two Top Mortgage Brokers from Wisconsin. He is considered one of the nation’s top producers of residential mortgages.

How do you become a top producer?

Many of the top producers in the US spend thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing. If you throw out a big enough net, you will eventually catch a lot of fish. Several top producers work for very large companies with multiple loan assistants and loan processors helping them out. Many of the top producers work for big banks where lots of people bank and lots of people get their mortgages. All of these strategies help you grow your business and close more loans.

However, Jason uses a different strategy. He relies on referral business and word-of-mouth. He works hard every day to impress his clients and referral partners. He goes above and beyond to help homeowners get the best interest rate and lowest closing costs. He is extremely proactive to avoid hiccups that can delay closings. Through his determination and his dedication, he is able to achieve his accomplishments. In 2020 and most of 2021 he did it with a very small team. It was Jason and one exceptional Loan Processor, Ben Krug. Since August of 2021, he has added a fantastic Loan Assistant, Alex Burden, to his team. This dream team allows Jason to keep up with and grow his referral and repeat business.

What are the different categories that make you a top producer?

Most Loans Closed refers to the number of actual mortgages that closed in a calendar year. It includes purchases and refinances. The Most Loans Closed is a good reflection of how busy Jason was the last two years. Each loan requires time and attention. If you’ve ever obtained a mortgage, you have some understanding of the effort that goes into each loan.

Top Dollar Amount is the sum of every loan amount closed in a calendar year. Obviously, some areas of the country have more or less expensive home prices and loan amounts. It probably takes fewer closed loans to make the Top Dollar Amount list in the Hamptons than in Verona, Wisconsin. So, we’re pretty proud of Jason for making the cut right here in Hometown USA.

Top Mortgage Broker refers to the type of Mortgage Advisor Jason is. He does not work for a big bank, he makes the big banks work for his borrowers. Most of the top producers are Mortgage Bankers. In fact, less than 8% of the top producers are Mortgage Brokers. There were only two Mortgage Brokers from Wisconsin listed in the Scotsman Guide Top Originators for 2021. This proves again that Jason is performing at a high level against the odds.

Other categories include varying types of specific loan programs and second mortgages. Stampfli Mortgage does not provide all of the programs listed on the Scotsman Guide Top Originators list.

Way to go, Jason, we’re so proud of your accomplishments!





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